Robart Flat C Port Pinchless Precision Bit IW109A #Patented.


The Robart Flat C-Port Pinchless Precision Bit. The amazing bit has a patented internal spring that allows the port to return to neutral after lifting the rein. Great for shoulder control and keeping a lower headset. This bit features the Robart Pinchless bit system. It instructs by gentle pressure, not by pain or pain avoidance. This bit provides control while also allowing individual control of both the left and right sides of the bit and the horse’s mouth. The internal spring system permits both cheeks to move independently and then returns the port to the resting position. Unlike any other bit on the market. The bit features Black Satin finished cheeks with German silver engraved trim and a 5″ stainless steel spoon mouth with an internal spring system,


Robart™ Precision Spring Loaded Spoon Mouth

The new bit design eliminates pinched cheeks and tongues. Internal bushing allows each side of the bit to work independently of the other. The mouth stays calm and closed. Tension is reduced, the horse can concentrate on learning and performing. Each side of the horse can be worked separately such as lifting a shoulder or flexing exercises.

  • Nicely balanced bit for the show ring or for schooling and training
  • The spring-loaded correction allows each side to be worked individually
  • Allows milder palate pressure with the swept-back spoon port
  • Can be harsh as tongue pressure is applied at the flexible joint
  • Reminds horses to keep their heads in the ‘comfort zone’
  • High gloss black stainless steel cheeks with German silver overlay. Black steel will rust over time leaving a beautiful aged look to your bit
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece: 5 1/2 “
  • Cheeks: 7 3/8″
  • Port: 2″
  • Bit diameter: 9/16″

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