7 1/2″ Cheek Bit Logic Professional Series Low Port Barrel Bit TBBIT37SS60


Designed and manufactured by Classic Equine—the home of premium horse accessories including protection boots, mouth bits, saddles and more—this seven and a half inch low port barrel bit is built for performance. Even at high speeds, this low port barrel bit will allow you to control your horse with the gentlest of tugs. This highly universal bit works well for anything from training to pleasure and competition. The low port provides tongue relief as slight pressure is applied to the bars of the mouth and the palate. Each side works independently from the port for increased lateral flexion. As part of the professional series, you can expect the same high-quality build. This bit is built to last the rigours of daily riding. The soft metal mouthpiece also diverges from the harshness of traditional mouthpiece material. Buy horse supplies from Classic Equine and improve the performance of your equine friend.

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