Martin Saddlery GUARDIAN Barrel Saddle

Price Listed For Natural Color Base Model Only. Prices will vary based on Tooling and Accessory Options.

Enquire Now For More Details and Quotation To Your Requirements.


The new Guardian barrel saddle provides superior security, made with youth riders in mind, but it’s for adults too. It’s designed to give the rider a secure seat, combined with a substantial swell and leg cut out. Forward rigged fenders feature the patented SPRS™ (Stirrup Positioning Rig Slot) that holds fenders in a forward position and offers resistance, keeping the rider in the seat pocket. The horn is designed with a forward angle to help maintain position without interference.


  • SPRS™ (Stirrup Positioning Rig Slot) holds fenders in forward position and offers resistance, keeping rider deep in the seat pocket
  • Streamlined, forward fenders move freely and keep rider to the rear of seat pocket
  • C-Rig is positioned to fit most horses while keeping saddle in a more forward position
  • Substantial leg cut offers maximum security




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