Martin Rickey Green Team Roper Saddle

Price Listed For Natural Color Base Model Only. Prices will vary based on Tooling and Accessory Options.

Enquire Now For More Details and Quotation To Your Requirements.

The Rickey Green Team Roper was designed by champion team roper and renowned clinician Rickey Green.”One of the greatest opportunities of my career has been to be able to help people become better riders and ropers without actually interacting personally with them. I believe if you can stabilize your balance and be physically comfortable, you will catch more steers. I would like to thank Martin Saddlery for helping me design a saddle that will help so many ropers.” Rickey Green
• Great for ropers of all ages
• Specially designed ground seat offers a narrow and comfortable ride
• Seat pocket helps absorb concussion and relieve strain to your back, hips, groin, and knees
• Helps ropers stabilize and balance during a run with less physical effort
• Engineered to keep the rider securely in contact with the saddle even when getting up into roping position
• Designed to help ropers ride and rope better

Note All prices Quoted are for Plain Roughout or Smoothout and are subject to change without notice.

Saddle Specs
Gullett Width: 6.5″ Standard, 6.75″, 7″, 7.5″
Gullett Height: 7.25″
Cantle Height: 3.5″
Horn Height: 3.5″
Horn Cap: 3″
Tree Size: 13.5″, 14″, 14.5″, 15

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