Martin Joe Beaver Calf Roper

Price Listed For Natural Color Base Model Only. Prices will vary based on Tooling and Accessory Options.

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Designed by World Champion Joe Beaver, the Joe Beaver Calf Roper was designed to give calf ropers and their horses a competitive edge. Throughout Joe’s career as a fierce competitor and renowned clinician, he has ridden in hundreds of different saddles. When it came time to design the official Joe Beaver calf saddle, he had no question about the features it needed to have in order to make a difference

Specially designed seat jockey and formed ground seat offer a secure pocket that holds the rider in place when leaving the box
Weighted fenders hang directly under the roper’s feet to remain squarely under his center of gravity, making it easier to get up into roping position
Lowered swell combined with extra deep, extra wide stirrups offers the rider stability while making it easy to get off without interference
Design of the seat pocket and swells enhances the roper’s ability to get in front of his horse quickly, letting him stay ahead of the action
Saddle horn is designed to keep the rope pushed down and positioned low to the horse’s back to help reduce torque
Close contact, low profile fit is engineered to reduce the impact and strain from hard jerks
Heavyweight skirting leather is stitched and backed for added strength and durability
Reinforced tree, horn, rigs, and billets ensure every aspect of the saddle is built to withstand abuse
Compact skirts with cutouts for back girth d-riggings offer greater comfort for today’s short coupled calf horses
Available with Dee or Adjustable Rigging.

Please note that all prices quoted are for Plain Roughout or Smoothout and are subject to change with out notice.

The Martin Joe Beaver Calf Roper is available with many tooling and appearance options. For more information contact [email protected]

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