Jeremiah Watt Old Timer Spurs Swinging Button Type #145


Old Time Spur Band pattern- OTB 145, These new spur bands now offer us the chance to put “swinging” buttons in place rather than all having solid buttons. Since a swinging button sits higher, it offers a leverage advantage to keep the shank end of the spur band lifted. Please note that this OTB 145 Band can be ordered with ANY of our existing shanks, or with the new shanks shown here. These new shanks are higher in the lift, and shorter in length than our previous old time shanks. We offer these in polished steel only. After those choices are made you can select to add Jingle Bob’s, as well as Heel Chains to your spurs. The spur shown below has the “Stock Horse” shank which has 1.0″ of lift, 2.00″ length and a maximum rowel diameter is 1.5″ diameter.  

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