Classic Equine SensorFlex Roper Cinch


SensorFlex® Cinch

• Soft and flexible with a high-quality fl etc interior and padded nylon exterior
• Inner felt insert provides a plush feel for a better ride
• Contoured design follows the natural shape of the horse’s heart girth for a better fit
• Recommended for use only with leather latigos to allow the horse to expand naturally
• Stainless steel hardware with one roller buckle for easier cinching
• Sizes: 26”, 28”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”

Cinch Fitting Tips

The cinch is the lifeline that holds your saddle in place, which in turn, keeps you in a stable position during a competition. Because there is so much pressure applied to the cinch, you should take the time to become familiar with the key points most viable when choosing the right cinch.

  1. Use a cinch that is designed with your horse’s comfort in mind.
  2. Choose a cinch by measuring the distance from one heart girth or “sweet spot” under the belly to the opposite one.
  3. When the cinch is tight, the dees should lay flat and clean against the horse’s heart girth or “sweet spot”. If it rides above or below the sweet spot, it can cause soreness and discomfort.
  4.  To allow flexibility or “give” as your horse moves, use a cinch/latigo combination. Leather is a natural fiber that has“give”. Leather latigos expand slightly and move with the horse as you ride.
  5. Use a cinch with stainless steel hardware, which is long-lasting and will not rust, corrode, or bind up. ClassicEquine® cinches are made with stainless steel hardware to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product possible.





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