Classic Equine Loomis Browband Gag Bit

Calling Texas their home, Classic Equine makes some of the best horse accessories in the world. The brand’s products are known worldwide for their use of high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and durable design.

Classic Equine produces a wide variety of horse accessories including correction pads, mouth bits, leg protection gear and more. Regardless of whether you are going on a nice trot around your farm, or showing the skills of your equine companion in the show ring, Classic Equine has the accessories you need to make your rides enjoyable and comfortable.

The brand’s commitment to continued product innovation and its rich history of producing winning accessories has made it the preferred choice for some of the top trainers and jockeys in the world.

Designed for professional trainers, this browband horse gag bit from Classic Equine is perfect for training colts for races, and tuning finished horses to make them perform better.

A great transitioning bit for young horses, this gag bit helps lift the noses, poll, rib cage and shoulders, making it a great tool for teaching young horses collection and lateral manoeuvres.

This browband gag bit comes with nylon cheek pieces, stainless steel hardware, and a silver-dotted double-stitched natural leather headstall.

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