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Classic Equine Goosetree Simplicity Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit GTSBIT12


The go-to brand for professional racers and trainers worldwide, Classic Equine is known for its heritage and tradition. 

Hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas, the brand makes some of the finest horse accessories, including saddle pads, protection boots, cinches, mouth bits and more. Whether it’s a joy ride, a professional race, or a training session, the brand’s products are consistently reliable.

The brand’s horse accessories are famous for their use of high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship and durable construction. 

Classic Equine is committed to continued product innovation, and routinely introduces innovative accessories that enhance performance, comfort, and ride quality across all riding disciplines.

This drive for innovation birthed the Classic Equine Simplicity Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit. This bit is the preferred choice of barrel racers worldwide, The simple design, and the 5” shank enforces natural flexion and exerts equal pressure in the horse’s mouth.

The perfect tool for trainers who are looking to train their young horses for more speed as they advance, this twisted wire snaffle bit provides great control on corners at high speeds.

This is considered one of the harshest bits and is not recommended for casual riding purposes. It should only be used in race training or actual race settings.

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