Classic Equine Goosetree Simplicity Dr Bristol GTSBIT13


The leader in horse accessory production, Classic Equine produces top-notch saddle pads, cinches, protection boots, and many more for all riding styles. Whether it’s a simple trot in your ranch or a raging race at the track, the brand has trusty accessories to enhance comfort and performance.

Known for their use of high-quality materials, handcrafted manufacturing, and durable construction, Classic Equine products are preferred by the best professional jockeys and trainers in the industry.

With a commitment to creating winning products and a drive to build a legacy, this Texan brand offers your horse ultimate comfort and enables you to extract every bit of performance from your equine companion.

This Goosetree Dr Bristol Simplicity Bit from Classic Equine looks to continue this winning tradition. Made for light-mouthed horses, this bit is perfect to train your horse for competition.

The simple design allows lateral flexion when engaged and offers the rider more control when going into a turn at high speeds. Due to this reason, simplicity bits are trusted by some of the best barrel racers in the world.

Please note this bit is not recommended for casual riders and young horses.

This product is available to be paid off in fortnightly instalments with Afterpay, click here for more information.

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