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Classic Equine Black Leopard Classic Fit Medium Front and Hind Sling Boots 4 Pack



Classic Equine is the home of the finest horse accessories in the world. The brand offers an extensive range of horse products including saddle pads, correction pads, cinched protection boots and many more.

Committed to excellence, Classic Equine produces horse accessories that combine durable construction, exquisite craftsmanship, and high-quality materials perfectly.

 Coming from the Lone Star State in the USA, the brand’s products are trusted by some of the biggest names in professional horse racing and training. Whether it’s the race track, show ring, or the Australian outbacks, Classic Equine has the products to conquer every terrain. 

From this world-beating stable comes the ClassicFit Sports Boots. A sub-brand of Classic Equine, ClassicFit products take equine leg protection to an all-new level.

These sports boots for front legs provide ultimate lower limb protection, allow natural movement, and offer much-needed comfort for your equine companion.

The sleek, ergonomic and lightweight design makes applying and removing the boots a seamless experience. The neoprene body and shock-absorbing inner pad reduces shocks while riding. 

The proprietary suspensory sling is aligned to correct the angle and provide maximum lower limb support at all times.

These sports boots are available in multiple colours including charcoal, black, blue, cheetah, red, purple, steel grey and white.

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  • Fast, simple application – sleek and easy on, quick and easy off
  • Suspensory sling is uniquely positioned for correct angle alignment to ensure lower limb support.
  • Ergonomic design provides a clean, close fit for proper application with bound edgesto keep out dirt and debris.
  • Lightweight to allow unrestricted, natural movement with complete support and flexibility.
  • Neoprene body and shock absorbing inner pad reduce shock from concussion.
  • Laminated jersey lining is comfortable against the leg and will not fold, bunch or rub.

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