Classic Equine Biofit Shim Pad CWFS32 30″ x 32″

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Biofit Shim Pad

  • Closed-cell foam shim is wedge-shaped to alleviate saddle fit issues.
  • adjustable correction; slide forward for less, back for more.
  • Premium grade felt bottom with shock-absorbing wool felt center
  • 7/8″ Total Pad Thickness.

Classic Equine makes some of the world’s best horse riding supplies, including saddle pads, protective boots, and mouth bits as the go-to brand for professional riders and trainers.

Classic Equine has the best horse riding supplies for all occasions regardless of your riding style and need. The brand’s products are famous for their ingenuity in design, comfortable and durable materials, and elegant craftsmanship.

As part of the Classic Equine family, the BioFit lineup of correction pads are designed to give riders the perfect saddle fit. With BioFit correction pads, every ride is more comfortable and enjoyable.

These closed-cell foam shim pads by BioFit are designed with a premium-grade felt bottom and a shock-absorbing center to improve comfort and fit. The wedge shape prevents downhill saddle slip.

These BioFit shim pads are available in sizes 30” x 32”  and 31″ x 32″ in black This product is also eligible for free shipping.


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