Classic Equine 7in Performance Snaffle SSPSBIT7SS20


Classic Equine—the home of premium horse accessories including cinches, saddle pads, protection boots, mouth bits and so much more.

There are several reasons why Classic Equine is the horse gear brand that is favoured by the best horse trainers and riders in the world. Known for their durability, superior build quality, and handcrafted style; these products transition seamlessly from farm and race track to the show ring.

From this premium brand comes the 7” performance series snaffle bit. The stainless steel cheek and the inlaid copper snaffle mouthpiece makes it perfect for pleasure riding, and training.

The snaffle bit is the gentlest available in the performance series, as this bit applies soft pressure evenly. The cheek is suited for lateral pull and collection. For more control over the poll and nose, the cheek and snaffle mouthpiece can be used with a training fork or a martingale.

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