Classic Equine 7 1/2in Professional Series Correction TBBIT37SS10


Favored by thousands of professional riders, equine enthusiasts, and trainers—Classic Equine is one of the most well-known equine accessory brands in the world.

Their products are famous for their exquisite style and craftsmanship, superior build quality, durability, and high-quality materials. The brand offers premium saddle pads, mouth bits, cinches and many more accessories that make every ride better than the last.

Regardless of whether you are in the show ring or the race track, Classic Equine products are reliable in any circumstance.

From this prestigious brand comes the 7 ½” professional series correction bit, the latest product in the professional series. This bit is versatile and can be used for training drills, pleasure riding or in professional competitions.

The cheek has a 2 ½” purchase, a 5” shank and a swept-back design. These features give the rider more leverage and control at high speeds. Despite this feature, it is still considered a mild cheek correction bit. The taller port applies high palate pressure evenly, which is perfect for horses who are well broke.

This product is available to be paid off in fortnightly instalments with Afterpay, click here for more information.

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