Bill Freeman Short Shank Grazer With High Port Mouthpiece BF15S/106F


*100% American Made  *Eversweet Alloy Mouthpiece  *Promotes Moist Mouth and Bit Acceptance  *Extremely Durable  *Precision Crafted for Exceptional Balance and Feel  * *Used by Top Professionals Worldwide.

Bill Freeman Bits™ was founded more than 36 years ago in Sacramento, California as a family business. It all began when Bill started building snaffle bits and a modified version of the Tex Randolph mechanical hackamores for the performance riding community.  Bill Freeman bits are a preferred product for multiple champions and performance enthusiasts who want to leverage the best performance out of their equine partner. Bill Freeman products have seen widespread adoption in the leisure riding community as well. Known for their high-quality, supreme craftsmanship and Texan style, Bill Freeman bits were brought to the market to meet the demand for performance-class mouth bits at a lower price point. Bill Freeman bits are also balanced, finished to near perfection, contain only the best alloys, and are 100% US-made, so you can rest assured knowing you get the accessories to elevate your every ride.

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