8″ Cheek Bit Logic Performance Series Cavalry Cheek 1″ x 1 3/4″ Correction Bit SSPSBIT8CS10


From the world’s premier maker of saddle pads, protection boots, and mouth bits, comes this cheek and mouth bit.

Preferred by race jockeys and performance horse gear shops across the world, this eight-inch correction bit combines quality materials and superior craftsmanship.


The cavalry cheek is perfect for finished horses and gives the rider superior control. This eight-inch cheek is suitable only for on-track riding and is not recommended for use during training. The angled shank causes an immediate response. The purchase/shank alignment ratio increases leverage, creating pressure at contact points.

1″ X 1 3/4″ CORRECTION

The correction bit is designed to apply an even amount of high pressure to all parts of the mouth—perfect for horses who need to be reminded of schooling on stopping and collection.

This product is available to be paid off in fortnightly instalments with Afterpay, click here for more information.

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