Martin FX3 Barrel Racer

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•The FX3 is a revolutionary saddle built with the aggressive racer in mind. The secure seat, higher swell, and forward-hung fenders give the rider security to sit deep on the pockets, and hold the feet forward while riding a shorter stirrup. This gives added control on the most athletic and hard-turning horses.

• Prominent swell with leg cut allows the rider to raise the knees higher, keeping them seated deep on a hard-dropping horse
• Secure cantle keeps the rider from getting behind and helps maintain control
• Ground seat enables freedom to quickly lean forward from a hard stop, keeping the rider in time with the horse’s acceleration
• Fenders easily swing forward to help stay down in the back of the saddle in the back of the turn
• Horn easily fits the hand, giving leverage in the turn
• Allows the horse to better respond to body position by keeping the rider in place consistently

The Martin FX3 Barrel Racer is available with many tooling and appearance options. For more information contact [email protected]


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